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Tender Mooring Whip Pole Sets

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Holding your tender at a safe distance from the superyacht, available in three standard sizes weighing up to 4550 KG (10,000lbs) as well as fully customisable whips weighing up to 22700 KG (50,000 lbs) to how you see fit.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Standard Duty
  • Mooring Whip set HW-1400 4.2m - Tenders 9,000kg (20,000Lbs)
  • Mooring Whip set HW-1600 4.8m - Tenders 15,800kg (35,000Lbs)
  • Mooring Whip set HW-1800 5.4m - Tenders 22,500kg (50,000Lbs)
  • Mooring Whip set SW-140 4.2m - Tenders 2,200kg (5,000Lbs)
  • Mooring Whip set SW-160 4.8m - Tenders 4,500kg (10,000Lbs)
  • Mooring Whip set SW-80 2.4m - Tenders 450kg (1,000Lbs)
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