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maxiStow Heavy Duty (HDPVC) Inflatable Fenders

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Our Heavy Duty (HDPVC) Inflatable Fenders are manufactured using quality European fabric, and combined with our ‘Triple Welded’ air-tight seams and ultra strong attachment points, deliver outstanding performance in all conditions.

Our range of maxiStow Heavy Duty (HDPVC) Inflatable Fenders are extremely popular and available in a wide range of sizes to suit all types of sailing yachts, motor yachts and superyachts.

Sitting firmly in our professional range of inflatable fenders, maxiStow HDPVC provides ultimate protection in all mooring and docking situations, no matter the circumstance or weather conditions.

At around 40% of the cost of an equivalent HYPALON  fender, maxiStow HDPVC fenders provide a professional-grade mooring solution for any size yacht on any budget, they are also around 15% lighter than Hypalon making them an extremely versatile, crew friendly fender solution for any yacht.

Black, Grey or Navy in colour and fully equipped with two attachment points as standard, stainless steel D-Rings or soft loop attachment points are both an option. As well as D7 valves to ensure quick and reliable inflation and deflation times, each fender will deflate to less than 10% of its inflated size.

HDPVC Fender Sizes

Sphere Cylinder Flat
60 x 60cm 75 x 30cm 70 x 15 x 10cm
80 x 80cm 100 x 30cm 90 x 30 x 20cm
100 x 100cm 100 x 42cm 90 x 60 x 20cm
150 x 150cm 100 x 45cm 100 x 60 x 10cm
180 x 180cm 100 x 60cm 120 x 45 x 20cm
200 x 200cm 100 x 90cm 188 x 15 x 10cm
120 x 45cm 200 x 30 x 20cm
120 x 60cm 200 x 45 x 20cm
120 x 90cm 220 x 15 x 10cm
150 x 30cm 245 x 60 x 20cm
150 x 42cm 250 x 30 x 20cm
150 x 45cm 250 x 45 x 20cm
150 x 60cm 250 x 60 x 20cm
150 x 90cm 300 x 100 x 20cm
150 x 120cm 300 x 100 x 30cm
200 x 42cm 300 x 50 x 10cm
200 x 60cm 350 x 60 x 20cm
200 x 90cm 450 x 60 x 20cm
200 x 120cm 500 x 50 x 20cm
250 x 120cm

Fender inflate/deflate video

See how easy it is to inflate and deflate our maxiStow Inflatable Fenders/Day Shapes

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