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Fendequip SWS140/160 Tender Mooring Whips Set

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Safely secure your Tender or Jetskis alongside your vessel with our Solid Fibre Mooring Whips set.

Available in either 4.2m or 4.8m lengths and rated for Tenders up to 2,500kg (5,500lbs) for the 4.2m version or up to 5,000kg (11,000lbs) for the 4.8m length version.

Each set includes as standard:

  • 2x Solid Fibre Tender Whip Poles (supplied in 2pcs) each featuring a quality Stainless Steel T-Cleat and Roller Tip
  • 2x Tender Whip Lines
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    Add a protective storage case for each Whip Set?

    Add a protective storage case for each Whip Set?


Manufactured by Fendequip Mooring Products in the UK, using Solid Fibreglass whip poles for the best flexibility and durability – suitable for Tenders or Jet Skis (weighing up to 5,000kg (11,000lbs). Each whip pole is equipped with our own quality stainless steel components and either 9m (4.2m length) or 11m (4.8m length) of black whip line, ready for use.

Why not add our protective Storage Bag, which is made from a cushioning, breathable fabric to prevent against damage during storage.

Part no. SWS140 SWS160
Pole Length  4.2m 4.8m
Base ø 33mm* 33mm*
Pole ø (thickest part) 20.6mm 20.6mm
Whip Line Length  9m 11m
Suitable for Tender Size < 2,500kg (5,500lbs) < 5,000kg (11,000lbs)
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