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Scanmarin Fender Cover Sizes

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To find the correct cover for your Scanmarin fender look towards the top of the fender and you will be able to see the measurements. Then locate the required size from our chart and you’re good to go. Alternatively, locate the fenders original packaging and look for the fender code, then once again find the code that matches your fender on our chart, it’s as simple as that.

If you are unable to complete any of the above then you will have to manually measure your fender as shown in the above diagram.

Scanmarin ‘FA’ Series:
FA520Single ThicknessFA5205613
FA623Single ThicknessFA6236715
FA822Single ThicknessFA8226620
FA827Single ThicknessFA8277920
FA927Double ThicknessFA9278123
FA935Double ThicknessFA9359823
FA1025Double ThicknessFA10257525
FA1232Double ThicknessFA12329130
FA1540Double ThicknessFA154010038
FA1555Double ThicknessFA155514038
Scanmarin ‘FB’ Series:
FB415Single ThicknessFB4153812
FB5520Single ThicknessFB55205114
FB3512Single ThicknessFB3512309
Scanmarin ‘RFC’ Series:
RFC615Single ThicknessRFC6153815
RFC820Single ThicknessRFC8205120
RFC1026Single ThicknessRFC10266625
RFC1234Double ThicknessRFC12348630
Scanmarin ‘F’ Series:
SF1Single ThicknessF16115
SF02Single ThicknessF026619
SF2Single ThicknessF26122
SF3Single ThicknessF37522
SF4Double ThicknessF410522
SF5Double ThicknessF57730
SF6Double ThicknessF611030
SF7Double ThicknessF710338
SF8Double ThicknessF814838
SF11Double ThicknessF1114660
SF13Double ThicknessF1319580
Scanmarin ‘G’ Series:
G2Single ThicknessG24112
G3Single ThicknessG35215
G4Single ThicknessG45917
G5Single ThicknessG57122
Scanmarin ‘FR’ Series:
FR1Single ThicknessFR13815
FR2Single ThicknessFR25120
FR3Single ThicknessFR36625
FR4Double ThicknessFR48630
Scanmarin ‘NB’ BUOY Series:
U3Double ThicknessU31815
AB0Double ThicknessAB03223
NB40Double ThicknessNB404030
NB50Double ThicknessNB505039
NB60Double ThicknessNB606047
NB75Double ThicknessNB757258
NB100Double ThicknessNB1009475
NB110Double ThicknessNB11011993
NB135Double ThicknessNB135142110
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