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Rapidstow Fender Cover Sizes

To find the correct cover for your Rapidstow fender look towards the top of the fender and you will be able to see the measurements. Then locate the required size from our chart and you’re good to go. Alternatively, locate the fenders original packaging and look for the fender code, then once again find the code that matches your fender on our chart, it’s as simple as that.

If you are unable to complete any of the above then you will have to manually measure your fender as shown in the above diagram.

FEN10030Double ThicknessFEN1003010030
FEN20030Double ThicknessFEN2003020030
FEN30030Double ThicknessFEN3003030030
FEN10042Double ThicknessFEN1004210042
FEN15042Double ThicknessFEN1504215042
FEN20042Double ThicknessFEN2004220042
FEN30042Double ThicknessFEN3004230042
FEN15060Double ThicknessFEN1506015060
FEN20060Double ThicknessFEN2006020060
FEN30060Double ThicknessFEN3006030060
FEN15090Double ThicknessFEN1509015090
FEN25090Double ThicknessFEN2509025090
FEN30090Double ThicknessFEN3009030090
FEN145100Double ThicknessFEN145100145100
FEN200100Double ThicknessFEN200100200100
FEN275100Double ThicknessFEN275100275100
FEN415100Double ThicknessFEN415100415100
FEN200120Double ThicknessFEN200120200120
FEN290120Double ThicknessFEN290120290120
FEN415135Double ThicknessFEN415135415135
FEN200140Double ThicknessFEN200140200140
FEN290150Double ThicknessFEN290150290150
FEN200180Double ThicknessFEN200180200180
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