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Polyform U.S. Fender Cover Sizes

To find the correct cover for your Polyform U.S. fender look towards the top of the fender and you will be able to see the measurements. Then locate the required size from our chart and you’re good to go. Alternatively, locate the fenders original packaging and look for the fender code, then once again find the code that matches your fender on our chart, it’s as simple as that.

If you are unable to complete any of the above then you will have to manually measure your fender as shown in the above diagram.

Polyform U.S. – ‘F’ Series – SINGLE PLY
FQ01Single ThicknessF16415
FQ02Single ThicknessF26422
FQ002Single ThicknessF026620
FQ03Single ThicknessF37622
FQS04Single ThicknessF410422
FQS05Single ThicknessF57630
FQS06Single ThicknessF610930
FQS07Single ThicknessF710438
FQS08Single ThicknessF814738
FQSELSingle ThicknessEurolarge9133
Polyform U.S. – ‘A’ Series – SINGLE PLY
FQSA0Single ThicknessA02923
FQSA1Single ThicknessA13729
FQSA2Single ThicknessA24939
FQSA3Single ThicknessA35947
FQSA4Single ThicknessA47155
FQSA5Single ThicknessA59270
FQSA6Single ThicknessA611886
FQSA7Single ThicknessA7138105
Polyform U.S. – ‘F’ Series – DOUBLE PLY
FQ04Double ThicknessF410422
FQ05Double ThicknessF57630
FQ06Double ThicknessF610930
FQ07Double ThicknessF710438
FQ08Double ThicknessF814738
FQ10Double ThicknessF1012747
FQ11Double ThicknessF1114560
FQELDouble ThicknessEurolarge9133
Polyform U.S. – ‘A’ Series – DOUBLE PLY
FQA0Double ThicknessA02923
FQA1Double ThicknessA13729
FQA2Double ThicknessA24939
FQA3Double ThicknessA35947
FQA4Double ThicknessA47155
FQA5Double ThicknessA59270
FQA6Double ThicknessA611886
FQA7Double ThicknessA7138105
Polyform U.S. – ‘G’ Series
FG1Single ThicknessG1339
FG2Single ThicknessG24114
FG3Single ThicknessG35114
FG4Single ThicknessG45816
FG5Single ThicknessG56822
FG6Double ThicknessG67626
Polyform U.S. – ‘HTM’ Series
HTM1Single ThicknessHTM13815
HTM2Single ThicknessHTM25120
HTM3Double ThicknessHTM36625
HTM4Double ThicknessHTM48630
Polyform U.S. – ‘NF’ Series
FNF03Single ThicknessNF35115
FNF04Single ThicknessNF45916
FNF05Single ThicknessNF56822
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