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Plastimo Fender Cover Sizes

To find the correct cover for your Plastimo fender look towards the top of the fender and you will be able to see the measurements. Then locate the required size from our chart and you’re good to go. Alternatively, locate the fenders original packaging and look for the fender code, then once again find the code that matches your fender on our chart, it’s as simple as that.

If you are unable to complete any of the above then you will have to manually measure your fender as shown in the above diagram.

Plastimo Performance Fenders
PF00Single Thickness40102
PF01Single Thickness60152
PF02Single Thickness80202
PF03Single Thickness62212
PF04Single Thickness85232
PF05Single Thickness50132
Plastimo Reinforced Eye Fenders
RE00Single Thickness48122
RE01Single Thickness53142
RE02Single Thickness58172
RE03Single Thickness64212
RE04Single Thickness72232
RE05Double Thickness81271
Plastimo Reinforced One-Eye Fenders
ROE1Single Thickness48182
ROE2Single Thickness68222
Plastimo Reinforced Buoy Fenders
PB1Double Thickness48351
PB2Double Thickness62451
PB3Double Thickness73551
PB4Double Thickness88651
PB5Double Thickness105851
Plastimo Large Yacht Fenders
LY01Double Thickness110351
LY02Double Thickness110451
Plastimo Long Fenders:
LF01Double Thickness100231
LF02Double Thickness115251
Plastimo Parabor Fenders
PP00Single Thickness30102
PP01Single Thickness43152
PP02Single Thickness55202
PP03Double Thickness68251
PP04Double Thickness80301
Plastimo Heavy Duty Two Eye Fenders
PHT01Single ThicknessF0156132
PHT1Single ThicknessF161142
PHT02Single ThicknessF0266192
PHT2Single ThicknessF261212
PHT3Single ThicknessF374212
PHT4Double ThicknessF4105211
PHT5Double ThicknessF577291
PHT6Double ThicknessF6109291
PHT7Double ThicknessF793371
PHT8Double ThicknessF8147371
PH11Double ThicknessF11145601
PHT13Double ThicknessF13195801
Plastimo Heavy Duty Buoy Fenders
PHB0Double ThicknessAB128231
PHB1Double ThicknessA139311
PHB2Double ThicknessA251401
PHB3Double ThicknessA362481
PHB4Double ThicknessA473591
PHB5Double ThicknessA594751
PHB6Double ThicknessA6119931
PHB7Double ThicknessA71421101
Plastimo Dock Bumper Fenders
DFBDouble ThicknessBumper 1/290251
DFB1Double ThicknessBumper 1/240181
DFCDouble ThicknessBumper 3/490251
DFC1Double ThicknessBumper 3/440181
DFADouble ThicknessArticulated80181
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