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Majoni Fender Cover Sizes

To find the correct cover for your Majoni fender look towards the top of the fender and you will be able to see the measurements. Then locate the required size from our chart and you’re good to go. Alternatively, locate the fenders original packaging and look for the fender code, then once again find the code that matches your fender on our chart, it’s as simple as that.

If you are unable to complete any of the above then you will have to manually measure your fender as shown in the above diagram.

Majoni ‘STAR’
MF1Single ThicknessSize 14512
MF2Single ThicknessSize 25815
MF3Single ThicknessSize 36221
MF4Single ThicknessSize 47024
MF5Double ThicknessSize 59030
Majoni ‘BUOY’
MB1Double ThicknessSize 14835
MB2Double ThicknessSize 26245
MB3Double ThicknessSize 37555
MB4Double ThicknessSize 48865
MB5Double ThicknessSize 510585
MC0Single ThicknessSize 0309
MC1Single ThicknessSize 14210
MC2Single ThicknessSize 25512
MC3Single ThicknessSize 36016
MC4Single ThicknessSize 46522
MC5Single ThicknessSize 58025
MC6Double ThicknessSize 69030
Majoni ‘KORF’
MKF1Single ThicknessSize 1309
MKF2Single ThicknessSize 24212
MKF3Single ThicknessSize 36015
MKF4Single ThicknessSize 46919
MKF5Single ThicknessSize 57222
MKF6Single ThicknessSize 68025
MKF7Double ThicknessSize 79030
Majoni ‘MEGA’
MMF1Double ThicknessSize 111035
MMF2Double ThicknessSize 214045
MMF3Double ThicknessSize 316060
Majoni ‘DROP’
MDF1Single ThicknessSize 14512
MDF2Single ThicknessSize 25815
MDF3Single ThicknessSize 36221
MDF4Single ThicknessSize 47024
MDF5Double ThicknessSize 59030
Majoni ‘COMBI’
MCF1Single ThicknessSize 14512
MCF2Single ThicknessSize 25215
MCF3Single ThicknessSize 36421
MCF4Double ThicknessSize 48230
MCH1Single ThicknessSize 13010
MCH2Single ThicknessSize 24315
MCH3Single ThicknessSize 35520
MCH4Single ThicknessSize 46825
MCH5Double ThicknessSize 58030
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