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Fender Covers

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Fendequip Fender Cover Colours

Fendequip Fender Cover Specification


Fendequip Fender Covers use their own premium stain resistant, non-abrasive, loop-knit acrylic yarns produced in house. We have our yarn specifically treated for UV and Lightfastness compared to other manufacturers who use standard yarns. As part of our QC, we also have our products tested each year by Bureau Veritas for UV and Lightfastness and our Black and Midnight (navy) yarns both have a BS EN ISO-B02:1999 to Std 7, what this means is that if a material is left out in sunlight it will start to fade between 7-12 months and for Std 4 this is only 1 month. This is an acrylic material and will not be 100% light fast.

Our Fender Covers can be made to fit almost any brand and model of fender, and are available in a variety of colours including Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Bottle Green, Beige, Light Grey, School Grey, Dark Grey, Burgundy, Taupe. We can even offer a colour matching service to suit your Motorboat, Sailingyacht or


We also offer customisable fender covers to include a boat name, a range of standard logos or a custom logo of your choice.


When selecting your fender cover, you will also get the opportunity to detail any customisation you might require (Boat name & logo). Finally, because we manufacture the fender covers in house, we also give you the chance to request non retail packaging, thus reducing the amount of plastic packaging we use. 

To  find the correct cover, simply select a fender brand from the list below, then on the following page pick the correct size and shape. finally pick a colour, and add your desired fender covers to your basket and we will do the rest.

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