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Day Shapes

As well as inflatable fenders Fendequip also manufactures Inflatable Day Shapes including Anchor balls, Conical, Biconical, Cylindrical for all vessels on navigable waters during daylight hours. Our unique inflatable design allows each day Shape and Anchor Ball to be collapsible for easy storage.

Diamond Day Shape

Cone Day Shape

Anchor Ball Day Shape

Cylinder Day Shape

Black in colour all sizes are determined by the ColRegs, for instance, the size of the Anchor Ball is no less than the 0.6-metre diameter.
Manufactured to be Fully compliant with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGs)

All Shapes are fully compliant with The Merchant Shipping (Distress Signals and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations 1996 as seen here

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