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As well as our other products we offer a variety of accessories to go alongside your yacht and inflatable fenders.

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Load Spreading Rope

For larger fenders and super yachts, a load spreader is a necessity.

Fenders. Inflatable Fenders, maxiStow, PVC, Hypalon, PU, UK, UK Manufactured, Ship, Yacht, Super Yacht, Boat, Marine, Pump, Fender Pump

Fender Inflator

Inflate fenders with ease and brevity using this electric fender inflater.

Day Shape, Yacht, Super Yacht, Mega Yacht, UK, UK Maufactured, Marine, Mooring Products

Day Shapes

Used to indicate the status of a vessel to others on navigable waters during daylight hours. Constructed from a lightweight frame and covered in our own high quality fendercover fabric, designed to be collapsible for easy storage.

Heaving Weights, Leather, Hand Made, UK, UK Manufactured, Yacht, Super Yacht, Mega Yacht, Luxury Yacht, Mooring Products, Fendequip

Heaving Weights

Made in-house by hand using leather from the UK. Heaving weights allow the dock line to be thrown much further with more precision. A more classy and sleek substitution to the well-known monkey fist with a much lower risk of chafing the boat.

Marine, Valve, Yacht, Super Yacht, Ship, Boat, Fender, UK, UK Manufactured, Inflatable Fender,

Fender Valves

For replacement D7 valves or additional ones you can purchase them here directly.

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